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photos & words – Jenny Smith
contributor – Anna Clarke

Supporting Growth: How to combat fear, anxiety, regret around where you want to be.

Tired of feeling angry and unhappy all the time, Anna Clarke looked in the mirror one day and said: “I’m not going to be a bitch anymore.”

Those who know Clarke are likely in shock reading that, as they would never use that word to describe the bubbly, bodacious babe. But Clarke knew she could be a little too brutal sometimes.

“My best friend hung up on me because I was mean. I was being mean.”

What she also knew is that it was not usually a reflection of the person she was attacking, but a deep-rooted issue of her own.

She was 27 when she took that leap, leaving a dysfunctional relationship and deciding to learn to love herself more.

The inventory management specialist grew up in Vernon, B.C. (a gem of the Okanagan). She lived a normal life, with her parents and little sister, and has fond childhood memories of camping and growing up fishing on the ocean. While her love of hooking bait and sailing starboard have remained, she’s shaken some of the childhood beliefs that have held her back. And that was her biggest challenge.

“Realizing and dealing with limiting childhood beliefs and other beliefs that have come up in my life,” said Clarke, now planning a big move to the coast to fulfill a long lost dream.

When asked what her biggest challenge was, Clarke admits that last year she wouldn’t have known the answer to that question.

“It took a big family conflict to point me in the direction I needed to be,” said Clarke, currently living in Cherryville.

She had to dig deep, into some self-limiting beliefs that she had grown up with, to realize just why she hadn’t reached for her dreams.

“All the things you’re told not to do as a child, those beliefs were instilled due to generational upbringings,” she said of the tendency for parents to say ‘no’ so much.

“I learned how to overcome them and manifest what I want in my life. I’m learning how to, because I’m not there. Everything is happening right now,” said the 37-year-old, who is thrilled she was able to shift gears while she is still young.

“I am changing my mindset and the way I look at things, how I think.”

Having a more positive outlook has been key, although it is something easier said than done. It’s taken practice, time and listening to a lot of podcasts, reading, journaling and surrounding herself with other positive people.

“I’ve never read self-help books or done any of that before this. But I read it in a book – be selfish and go love your life and enjoy it, but also be grateful and caring and help others.”

She tears up recalling her journey, as it’s an emotional one, that has been a roller coaster.

“I went looking for something, I went in search of bigger and better things to help me and grow.”

That’s where her skill of training others sparked a new path. She still loved her job, but wanted something more, something that inspired her towards a healthier life, something she could make a difference with and find a tribe of like-minded souls.

After researching a variety of opportunities, she discovered Young Living and the vast benefits of essential oils and a chemical-free life.

“That’s rocketed me into the personal development I needed to grow,” Clarke said.

Shedding some of her old tendencies, Clarke admits she still has more work to do, but she’s gained confidence and believes in herself again.

“It’s just about becoming consciously aware of your bad habits and things you want to change. You just have to do and not say. Doing gets you places. The best advice I can ever give anybody is to dig, if you’re not happy.”

While she beams with pride as her new radiant self, her biggest joy comes from helping others.

“When you spark magic with other people around you it doubles what you do.”

How to combat fear, anxiety, regret around where you want to be.

Arts & Culture | Vol.7

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Photos & words:
Jenny Smith

Anna Clarke

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