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In today’s society, the representation of Fae, or a fairy, has changed rather drastically from its origin.

In the past, people were so superstitious that they wouldn’t mention the fae by their name, and instead called them things such as “Little People” or “Hidden People”, which alludes to both their mystery and the level of fear that people had about these little creatures. Nowadays, fairies are heavily commercialized, being plastered on anything from t-shirts to dresses, and are portrayed as a cute symbol more than anything. However, what exactly is a fairy, and where did they come from? (The stories that are.)

Representation of Fae feature article for Merrymen Magazine - Photos by Raimund Verspohl

There are various explanations for the fae. It’s been said that they were once spirits of the dead, and even fallen angels, being too good for Hell but too bad for Heaven, causing them to fall back to earth as a fairy. This causes them to be shrouded in mystery, and not much is known about them except one thing is known for sure about them according to the people that believe in them; they can appear and disappear at their own will, making them very elusive. They are also known to have other magical powers, such as being able to change their appearance at their own will as well.

Of course, with them being so mysterious, it’s inevitable for them to be fascinating and intriguing to us. Ever since their introduction into popular culture from Irish Mythology, we’ve seen everything from pendants to fairy catchers, commercializing on the idea of fairies. But where did their popularity come from? Some say that after the popular Disney movie Peterpan, the famous fairy Tinkerbell helped make fairies a more child-friendly icon, making them popular evermore. Now there are a countless amount less of art depicting little fairies prancing in the forest. But where did the setting of the forest even come from anyway?

According to the legend of Fae, Fairies have magical powers that are connected to nature, meaning they can only use their powers when they are close to nature. People who have said that they have seen fairies typically see them in Forests and other green rural areas. As well as this, it’s also important to remember the mystery around fairies, and this being the reason that they are in the forest, something that is used as a symbol for naturistic mystery, with many different creatures drawing around there.

As we can see, the history of the Fae is a mysterious but interesting one.

Filled with possible sightings of fairies dancing on flowers and testimonials of people who swore they have seen little people guiding them through the forest to their home, there are still people even to this day that believe in fairies. While we may never truly know if fairies are real or not, we do know that they’ve had a great cultural and religious impact on Ireland and even the US, and will be a symbol of myth for years to come.

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