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Before starting a business I was met with a plethora of fears. What if it isn’t successful? What if I fail? What if… And those fears were amplified or echoed by others’ opinions of the risks involved with starting a business. However, through it all I established my goals, started my business, and stayed on course. That’s not to say it was easy or that there weren’t times I felt like giving up. But for me, the biggest risk was to not risk anything. And the thought of achieving my dreams was bigger than my fears. Fears can be a nagging little voice, constantly reminding you that you’re not good enough, worthy enough, or ready to take on what you desire in life. But because the pros far outweigh the cons, I learned to tell that little voice to be quiet.  

I’ve adopted the mentality to be more fearless because in countless success stories, there are commonalities that successful people continue to repeat with their actions; that is, if they experience fear or anxiety, then they pursue the cause of it. They won’t allow themselves to be ruled by fear. Once conquered, the resounding feelings of accomplishment causes them to become more grateful toward the challenges of life. And through practicing attacking the fears surrounding a goal, they begin to realize what it means to let go of the outcome. Time and time again, successful people understand that the key to manifesting what they desire is letting it go of the outcome.

But what does letting go mean?

Best-selling author, speaker and entrepreneur Gabrielle Bernstein outlines a special perspective on the law of attraction. She explains that the key to letting go is understanding and accepting that the outcome will not make you complete. You’ve heard the popular phrase “money can’t buy happiness,” Bernstein’s explanation of letting go of the outcome is to understand that self-worth, self-esteem, inner strength, confidence and true happiness comes from within and not from circumstances or outside influences. In order to let go of the thing you desire or are trying to manifest, you first need to understand that you are complete without it. 

I’ve often heard friends say that if they don’t get what they want out of life they won’t be happy. But the truth I realized was understanding that happiness and fulfillment comes from the actions of pursuing the dream, and not the end result. If the focus remains on the work itself and not the result, there is a fluidity and adaptability in direction. And understanding that if the outcome doesn’t meet the initial goal, that something better is meant to come along. 

To summarize, success is manifested by attacking the fears that stand in the way of your dreams, creating action to work towards your goals and adapting to the direction or outcome that follows.

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