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Horses for years have been one of the most prized companions of man for generations, and the bond between a man and his horse has always been a sacred one.

Naturally, this leads to horses being used for those who need physical and emotional support, such as those with depression, or those who have suffered from a stroke. Equine-Assisted Therapy’s effect on both the mind and the body have been shown in studies for years to have a positive and everlasting effect on both man and horse. Being a popular type of therapy, and a great way to develop a long-lasting bond with a horse, Equine-Assisted Therapy has been a great choice for those who find comfort in caring for an animal, such as a horse. The bond between a man and his horse is a very special one, one that has involved years of caring for the horse, and of course riding it. So for those who have ever cared for a horse already know the connection you make with it, making Horse Therapy a great choice for those who already have cared for horses in the past.

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Horse Therapy camps are located throughout North America and have been proven to help those with ailments such as Cerebral Palsy, or have suffered from a stroke, and are the most popular type of animal therapy. The reason why horses, in particular, are so helpful, however, is due to the way that horses walk. When horses walk, the way their pelvis moves is very similar to that of a human pelvis, therefore, when riding a horse, one gets the same stimulant one gets from walking as riding a horse.

On top of this, the rider can also receive up to 160 bilateral impacts in only 1 minute while riding on a horse, resulting in what is called a biofeedback opportunity for the neuromuscular system.

This gives physical therapy a great opportunity to help with the overall neuromuscular system, and with the emotional support of caring for an animal and forming a bond with them, Horse Therapy is a great treatment for those with certain mental disorders, such as depression, as it helps give self-confidence, as well as self-esteem and patience, making the common symptoms of depression less apparent.

Overall, the connection that we see between a man and his horse is more than just that of a pet. Once you care for an animal, such as a horse, you create a bond that is forged by years of dedication to the wellbeing of your horse, and love and respect for it, which then gives you a great sense of accomplishment, helping with feelings of low self-worth. Studies show that pets and other types of animal companions have been proven to help aide symptoms of mental illness, such as depression or anxiety, and horses, in particular, are great for teaching things like responsibility and patience on top of that, due to a large amount of work that has to go into taking care of a horse, which creates a bond that lasts for years.

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