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Arts & Culture

Model Victoria Vityukhova in Three Simple Rules feature for Merrymen Magazine Volume 5
Arts & Culture
November 22, 2019

Three Simple Rules

In today’s male-dominated business world, it’s a challenge for women to thrive in ‘the mens…
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East City Candles by Laurel Munro for Merrymen Magazine Volume 5
Arts & Culture
November 16, 2019

East City Candles

East City Candles is an artisanal candle line based out of Northumberland County, Ontario. Everything…
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Just Be You for Merrymen Magazine Volume 4 - Photos by Nancy Schoenmakers
Arts & Culture
August 20, 2019

Just Be You

World renowned photographer Nancy Schoenmakers shot her series in Medellin, Colombia. As a machismo country,…
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