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The Shaman for Merrymen Magazine - model Elisa Olenski
Arts & Culture
June 3, 2019

The Shaman

Shapeshifting requires the ability to transcend your attachments, in particular your ego attachments to identity…
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Primal Article for Merrymen Magazine - Photos by Josie Phillips
May 27, 2019


“All our reasoning comes down to surrendering to feeling.” - Blaise Pascal. Primal Article for…
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Lover. Fighter. Rebel style article for Merrymen Magazine with Photos by Jordie Hennigar
May 22, 2019

Lover. Fighter. Rebel.

She had taken many more punches to both body and soul than anyone should ever…
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May 21, 2019

Shadow’s Song

We are connected to our shadow even in the brightest of light. With every movement…
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Stone Work with Designer Paul Brissonnet and Valeriane Lazard for Merrymen Magazine
May 10, 2019

Stone Work

Photos of Atlas, 2018. A collection in collaboration with Paul Brissonnet & Valeriane Lazard. Edited…
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Yesterday and Today - Article for Merrymen Magazine Volume 3 featuring photos by Christie Vuong
May 7, 2019

Yesterday and Today

Time is critical - connect your yesterday to today to make stress and regret things…
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