Merrymen stands for happy people. We believe happiness is achieved by accepting and living as your true and authentic self. Our mission is to enable people to believe in themselves. Infused with art, style and design, our collection of interviews and content promotes quality of life.

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Salty feature for Merrymen Magazine volume 5 - Photos by Rosa Angélica Arts & Culture
November 18, 2019


There is a reason why chefs recommend adding just a ‘pinch’ of salt to your food; it’s because too much can leave a pretty bad taste in your mouth.
Inner Island Jewelry feature for Merrymen Magazine Volume 5 Design
November 18, 2019

Inner Island

As a girl with four older brothers, Gemma O’Leary was never allowed to enter the family barn which contained old tools like welding equipment, hammered pots, horseshoes, and all sorts…
East City Candles by Laurel Munro for Merrymen Magazine Volume 5 Arts & Culture
November 16, 2019

East City Candles

East City Candles is an artisanal candle line based out of Northumberland County, Ontario. Everything is small batch, hand poured or rolled, and made with premium ingredients.
Not fitting the mold for Merrymen Magazine Volume 5 Arts & Culture
November 16, 2019

Not Fitting the Mold

The idea of letting go of your thoughts, dreams, visions, and individualism to fit someone else’s standards or ideas isn’t fair or right.
Olann Handmade Knitwear for Merrymen Magazine Volume 5 Style
November 14, 2019

Olann Handmade

Designer Emily Scholes started Olann approximately four years ago: a thoughtfully handcrafted knitwear company made with environmentally conscious materials in beautiful Irish Tweeds, Canadian Alpaca, and Merino.
Bethanie Kaye Design for Merrymen Magazine Volume 5 Design
November 14, 2019

Bethanie Kaye Design

Bethanie Kaye comes from a long line of female artists. Her mother was a stained glass artist, her sister is a ceramicist, and her grandmother was a landscape painter.

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