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Take me back to the good old days. But then, what made the ‘70s the good old days?

You could be sure the nostalgia that tinged the voice of the person who said those words, looking at today’s generation of youth and oblivion to a different way of life.

It was a time when you heard parents precautions to their teenagers who went camping or on trips with friends. There was no indication of texting when you arrive safely or of smartphones altogether. It was the era where baby boomers grew into adolescence and the hippie fad faded into disco and ‘70s bohemian fashion. The cost of living including cars, and houses, was significantly less; then again, so was the minimum wage. A young adult could buy a second-hand vehicle for under $1000.

Communication was not as sophisticated as it is now. Letters were mailed and most of the information was read from newspapers and books, not on blogs or social media; and the youth listened to the radio for the latest songs and bought records, 8-track tapes or cassettes. TV stations were less numerous, so the few shows that were broadcast became the subject of discussion the next day.

We live in a bigger more connected world now, where conversations on discrimination and rights are emerging. With technology increasingly advanced there are fewer personal visits when you could have a smartphone or computer interaction.

Life is arguably more convenient to perform tasks with the aid of technology, but if you ask the generation that lived in the ‘70s, they still have the saying of ‘take me back to the good-old-days’ right on their lips.

A summer to savour feature article for Merrymen Magazine - model Jayde Rankin

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